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RectificationFor the most common type II anodizing a SCR 0 to 24 volt rectifier and for type III hard coat 0 to 75 volts unit will give the broadest range of capability. Choosing how many available amps you need is based on the amount of work you intend to do. Generally a rectifier that has the capability of giving you 8-12 amps per sq foot of work for type II and 30-40 asf for type III hard coat will do the job.

RectificationRemember operating a rectifier at less than 10% of total rated output amps can make it difficult to control and give some real strange results.The question of ripple can come up when looking into rectifiers. Industry experts have varying viewpoints as to what % ripple is acceptable for anodizing. An SCR will give approximately 5 % ripple at full rated output. It has been the experience of Anodize USA that staying with SCR's at 5% has consistently produced very good results in type II and type III anodizing operations. Anodize USA will continue to evaluate this position as more data becomes available.