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Anodize USA

Aluminum Cathodes


For many years anodizers used almost any convent cathode material, from the actual tank wall to the lead coils used for cooling in sulfuric acid anodizing baths. Little attention was paid to the type of material or the anode to cathode ratio. As operations became more sophisticated and research on this subject was accomplished, specific recommendations on the ratio and material became available.The consensus opinion was the best material for the cathodes was aluminum and specifically 6063t6 alloy.

In addition the ratio of 3 sq feet of anode to 1 sq foot of cathode gave the most consistent anodizing. Attempting to accomplish this ration in a job shop environment is difficult but the closer you are to this ratio the better your overall anodizing performance will be. Anodize USA went one step further and designed the "snappable cathode system" to insure years of reliable,flexible and easily serviceable cathode design. It offers the following advantages over other systems:

  1. Lower voltage required to do the same work.
  2. Long life (some cathodes in service over 3 years)
  3. No undesirable metals to contaminate the anodizing bath
  4. High surface area per cathode
  5. Easily replaced
  6. Uses less tank space
  7. Less heat build up
  8. Overall lower operating cost
  9. Simpler to change the cathode area



Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for getting our replacement cathodes here so quickly. Change out went without a hitch and all is good. Also, I want to tell you that the quality of material you engineered in the original set lasted us a good year longer than we expected. In fact, there is still enough cathode left that we probably could have run longer on them, we anticipated a life expectancy of perhaps twenty-four months we were able to run on these for 40 months. Great job, as always Anodize USA gave us great service.


Michael Kelner
Hardcoat Inc.